Presidential Unit Citation 1
Presidential Unit Citation 2
Presidential Unit Citation 3
Presidential Unit Citation 4
Combat Action Ribbon
Distinguished Service Cross
Medal of Honor
Legion of Merit
Distinguished Service Medal
Gold Star of NOTAP
Bronze Star of Notap
Soldiers Medal
Army Commendation Medal
Joint service Commendation Medal
Team Service Medal
Prisoner of War
Purple Heart
Red Heart
Non Combat Contest Medal
NOTAP Graphic award
Combat Infantry Batch
Combat Medic Badge
Sniper Badge 10:1
Sniper Badge 20:1
Sniper Badge 50:1
Expert Badge 10:1
Ranger Badge
Special Forces Badge
NOTAP Public Affairs
Award for Map building
Leader of Red Team
Co-Leader of Red Team
Attack Coordinator
2nd Attack Coordinator
Member of RPC
Mouse Bonus Session

NOTAP Top Maper
Expert Bagde 20:1
Big Red Heart
Iron Man Tournament Member
IMT Winner
Medal for 10 SitReps
For work on Red Tactic
500 Headshots in 1 month
750 Headshots per month
1000 Headshots per month
Medal for 10 MoM
For 10 Artwork medals
500 Knifekills in 1 month
750 Knifekills per month
1000 Knifekills per month
Award for 1500 Headshots in one month
Award for Nadernoobs
Avard for NOTAP movies
Award for Jokes
Tricky bastich medal
Award for Blue mercenary services
For 10 most headshots
For 10 most knifekills
Award for map effects