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Recommended books of the military library of General NOTAP and others



The story of Allied and Axis servicemen interned in Ireland during World War II.

ISBN 0 86322 182 3

K Lines POW camp had the best sporting facilities in the country. Prisoners were freely allowed out daily on their parole. Many married local girls and still live in the area.

There were many escape attempts even an American returned by the British because he broke the rules and escaped while on parole.

One German aircrew even returned in the 1980’s at the invitation of the Taoiseach (Prime Minister) because it was his island they had crashed into, - he loaned them his house on the Island for two weeks.

A mix of humorous detail and incident, and at times, questionable Neutrality for our own political goals.

All set in the time we call the “Emergency” and when my grandfather, a young soldier at the time was patiently guarding a bridge 200 kilometres away from all the excitement.

Irish military site. (Move down the page and see what we had for equipment in 1939.)

K Lines POW, a local history.

Reviewed by Qumok [IRE]


War on the Russian front – a true story.

ISBN 0-304-35240-3

“In a state of near shock, I tried to put the dressing somewhere on that cavernous wound. When this proved impossible, I pushed a needle into a tube of morphine, and jabbed ineffectually through the thickness of cloth. Crying like a small boy, I pushed my friend to the other end of the seat, holding him in my arms, and soaking in his blood. Two eyes opened, brilliant with anguish, and looked at me from his ruined face.”

His friends name was Ernst. He died and was buried near a frozen dirt road somewhere in the Ukraine in autumn 1942.

“A day came when I should have died, and after that nothing seemed very important.

So I stayed as I am, without regret, separated from the normal human condition.”

The author is in his seventies now; this book recounts his story from July 1942 when he was just sixteen, through to 1945. His is a story cut deep by the reality of war and humbles the reader. It is a simple story, in simple language, describing scenes, which could drive men insane.

Hard to put down, hard to forget, hard to believe it was just 60 years ago.

Sajer information.

Großdeutschland information.

Reviewed by Qumok [IRE] , thanks to Big Q for that review :)

"Marine Sniper" by Charles Henderson

this is the story of Gunnery Sergeant Carlos Hathcock.

"Just as he was about to disappear in the fog, a riffle shot cracket from the tree line, an he fell on his face
with a .30-caliber boat-tailed bulled lodged in his spine. The officer frantically struggled to raise his head above
the rice paddy´s slime, but the paralysis caused by his shattered smine made it impossible, and he sank beneath the
muddy water."

93 confirmed kills! ISBN 0-425-10355-2

"All quiet on the western front" by erich maria remarque

"all quiet on the western front" erich maria remarque the central character is 19 years old school boy paul bäumer and the events are set in the trench wars of WW1. paul and his classmates are encouraged by their teacher to enlist the german army. the story shows the daily horrors of the war in laconic understatemnet. in the summer of 1918 when the german front is pushed back and the soldiers are waiting for the end of the war, paul bäumer is killed. during the war he has lost all his schoolmates by gas-attacks, grenades , hunger, mines and trench fights. some links: (only in german) there are lots of historical infos about the war. and a letter written from a soldier after the "osterschlacht"1915 can be viewed under the link "stellungskrieg" which shows how terrible things have been that time... my map "westernfront" had been built after impressions from this book.

This review comes form Takeshi/Spochtsfreund, thanks for this work!

Warrior" by Ariel Sharon

The biography of the new current prime minister of Israel. He was also the tough leader of Israel`s counter-terror-squad "Unit 101". This unit was only active for a few month, but he made himself a name in uncompromising actions against terrorists in the early 1950s. After this, his unit was integrated in the paratroops, and he continued to led them into some bloody action!

Here some quotations, about I had to smile:

"The PLO-terrorits looked at the Vietcong, and tried to build bunkers below earth, like them...I told my units to have always a bulldozer close by. So if we saw something unusually, we would dig them out instantly. Often they would flee because of fear being buried alive!"

"We took so many prisoners of the Egyptian army, so It was decided, to make only officers prisoners of war. The normal soldiers were instantly sent back to Egypt. When the officers took their rank-badges off, it was difficult to distinguish between them. But we found a solution quickly: The Egyptian officers all wore beautiful silken underwear! The simple solution was to make them strip their pants!"

"We had a problem of palestinian school-kids throwing stones at our soldiers. I told all parents in a day at school, that the father or eldest brother of such a kid would get some water, a loaf of bread, and a white flag. Then he will be put on the Jordanian border, and we would show him the direction to walk (east of course!) We actually did it with less than 30 peoples. Often, when you would walk through the streets of Gaza, you would see parents disciplining their kids vigorously...No one wanted to end up in Jordan...!

Death Ground (by Daniel P. Bolger)
Today´s American Infantery in Battle. A must to read!

"..Cpl. Jason Farrand, patched up and back in the fight. Restored to his high window, the Marine Sniper finished his dozen-man foray decisively. With a long black .50-caliber Barret M-82A1A sniper rifle in hand, the master marksman cooly took aim. Blam! One Libertian autorifleman pitched over, his leg ripped from his socket by the

merciless slug. Blam! Another hostile fall back, his chest blown apart." page 261

SABRE SQUADRON (by Cameron Spence)
The longest SAS mission of the gulf war. Six weeks behind enemy lines. For some it would be a lifetime.

Blackhawk Down (by Mark Bowden)
Explosive true story of cut-off 75th Rangers in Mogadishu/Somalia.Impossible to put down!

Excursion To Hell (by Vincent Bramley)
Inside-story of the author about his Falkland-experience with 3 Para.

Secret Soldier (by Muki Betser)
Former israeli Sayeret Matkal describes his experiences combating terrorists. Hot!

The Night Raiders (by Samuel M. Katz)
Thrilling story about Israel`s Flotilla 13, a commando and combat-divers unit. You can buy every book of Sam Katz, he is one of the best experts!

Bravo Two Zero (by Andy McNab)
An absolute classic, about a british SAS-patrol behind Iraqi lines.

The SAS (by Philip Warner)
The complete history of Britain`s most famed troops:

The SAS. SEALS At War (by Edwin P. Hoyt)
The story of the US Navy`s commandos and combat-divers.

DELTA - America`s Elite Counterterrorist Force (The Power Series)

Last, but not least, the story (with a lot of pictures) of
THE Team, the Delta Force.

I have a lot of other military books, but those above listed are closely connected with the commando-role. I am interested in a lot of other military topics, let me now on our guestbook, which books you prefer...