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01/01/2003 1:32 PM

NOTAP proudly presents the 5 best players in 12/2002

ATLAN da Gonozol


"Colonel : " ATLAN


Give this deadly sniper 400..500 m distance as minimum and you have a BIG problem. He start with A&D on NOTAP maps, and after some problems at startup he was ready for battle. He build cool maps for TFD and is allways a real mate.


" General " Schorsch=NoKi=

Schorschi aka Säckle, is the NoKi leader. His
leadership was badly missed in the last weeks. But now he is back and we all hope for more devasting red attacks. In the last time Schorschi works often as Sniper. But he can attack again like a tiger.

I hope to see you on every game Schorschi.

You are simple one of the Best!


" Colonel" PUDGE=NoKi=

Pudge was missed for one year, but he comes back! He is more nasty as ever before, and no other regular rapes like him. All NOTAPs use now special trousers to minize the risk of getting raped :). And finally he joins the most devasting party around,
the ever deadly and furious NoKi gang.

Pudge is back, good news for Reds, bad news for Blue :)


ZAZU the sleeping dog? BOAH , please dont bite me ZAZU :)



"Major General" Zazu=NoKi=

Build a Base, a real hard base and call in the WarDog ZAZU.
DFLW or TFD anyway, the DOG comes in and crashed it.
Big DOG! Bad DOG! Zazu plays only aggressive and without any fear! He also attacks very smart the weak points of any installation. After a huge bunch of outstanding DFLW maps, he comes now out with a new collection for TFD. Just see Zazu's maps and die :)


Thx for this QUMOK



"General : " QUMOK

BigQ aka QUMOK aka MoTAT aka HoKi aka ODM aka BigGitQ :)

And he show us again because he is the MASTER of Tunnels and Tricks (MoTaT). He developed a new and real amazing trick to switch red players to the blue side of life! That is ultra cool stuff for a new generation of JTSFO (Joint Taskforces Special Operation) Maps.

BigQ is one of the best, he can play on every role on absolute toplevel. He attack, support, defend and snipe with great success!

To go on this list a player must be under the first 5 NON-NOTAP players in the actual list..