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December 2000

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NOTAP proudly presents the 5 best players in December 2000

SniperWolf AMUN

SniperWolf AMUN

The fastest and hardest attacker from all. Never stops, never whining. He was the #1 on DF2 NOTAP HoF. He is the #1 on DFLW NOTAP HoF December 2000. And so the first player with bronze star on DFLW NOTAP HoF. He makes 107 Targets, send 771 other players to hell and was 1771 times killed. A brave young man.

Thx for this QUMOK


QUMOK Master of Tricks and Tunnels (MoTaT) now member of the Dead Presidents. A smart man, sometimes you dont will see him. He looks around and make a plan. And after that, good bye fortress, sayonara base. And he build absolute cools maps. With a very detailed artwork. QUMOK also known as BigQ has crashed 98 targets and has send the death 771 times to NOTAP squad. But he payed the price for this, he bleeded 1256 times to death by his attacks.

Better watch out! This Col wants your head!


The big newcomer, he starts on the NOTAP maps at mid December and gots a good kill/death ratio. After some day he begun to hunt for the targest and got on the ladder up by every day. Maybee the hottest candidate for a bronze start in Jan 2001? One of few german player they not whine but win!

He destroyed 74 Targets by 748 kills and 1234 deaths.

P.S. send me a picture Col!

The little black sheep


The Routine starts late on NOTAP DFLW maps. Look to his amzing story on the forum. But anyway he is back and fight his way in.

He gots 52 targets and make 436 kills. He must be 1043 buried by his mates.

No picture available

Mr. Slayer (of too many) SIR!

The Squadleader of STAB starts with a little handicap. NO DFLW was selled in GB! So it takes a long time for him until he can start to devaste my bases. But he does his job well. I am sure his rank will be higher next month. He build also very fine maps and host them under STAB maps. Visit them, its fun!

Mr. Slayer crashed and burns 27 targets.He slayed 324 enemys and visit the hell 654 times

Please send me a pict or must i used the stolen one again?

To go on this list a player must be under the first 5 NON-NOTAP players in the actual list..