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11/ 2001

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01/01/2002 7:49 PM

NOTAP proudly presents the 5 best players in 11/2001


"Lieutenant General"

Evil oh Evil oh Evil! NOw you are the first
red Lieutenant General

NOTAP run around like headless chickens?
Bases burned down the ground?
ZOMBIE mass attacks from the grave?
So many bad things happends if Evil steps on NOTAP ground!

Definitiv the most devasting red attacker!

Born to Lose or burn to die from NOTAPs hand? A fine artwork BtL!

"Major General "


Since 6 month on HoFoM, and more deadly every month he play. A cool mate and fanatic DFLW player.

Sometimes he goes back to roots and snipe the poor NOTAPs to death! Oh Sniper #1 i really dont know whats more nasty, your attacks or your sniping.

He also was this month 3 times as BPoWC on blue!




"Brigadier General "

NOMEN est OMEN! Böhse means EVIL in german, and this uncle is EVIL! He is now an General and works hard on all NOTAP targets.

A deadly and devasting attacker!

Thx for this QUMOK

"Major "

Hell Q how long we play now together? 2 jears?

And you play ever hard and striaght! To sadly that you go into vacation and miss the last 2 weeks.



"First Lieutenant"

BSE overall? Oh my oh my where ever I take a shit ahhhhhhh shot I hit a BSE member! Wellcome on HoFoM Killah!


To go on this list a player must be under the first 5 NON-NOTAP players in the actual list..