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July 2001

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08/01/2001 8:31 PM

NOTAP proudly presents the 5 best players in Juny 2001

Send ASAP a picture to the Colonel!

"Major "

Second time on one HoFoM and goes first time on HoF! He is now an absolute deadly attacker. As DRD (Deadly Red DUO) with the amazing ~BSE~EvilK is no NOTAP base sure.


"Brigadier General "

He is too EVIL for this world! The evilst nightmare for all NOTAPs! I cant count how many maps he crushed and burned all targets alone! This fighter plays on an outstanding level! Hell a map that not burned by Evil is a NO-WIN map for everybody!
And now he learn to play doctor games with the mouse too. Is this the qualification to got a MOM?

"First Lieutenant " Schorsch=MAIN=

At firsttime on HoFoM. He founded his only gang, the =MAIN= squad! All MAINs are nice players, and Schorsch has them trained well for the deadly NOTAP battlefields. He starts as a medic and play now CQB most time.



Born to Lose or burn to die from NOTAPs hand? A fine artwork BtL!

"Lieutenant Colonel " BORN**STAB**

2nd time on HoFoM. Now was BORN exploding! He make more targets in July as in all months before! Hell on Earth BORN, come on and give me more! I know you can do it!

Born is a great artist and a god blessed sniper but he has some problems with explosives. But after 2 months as member of the STAB gang he lerned to ignite a satchel without lose a hand or arm :).


This is a pic of the small wounds i receive after a fight with NoTap...PUDGE

"First Lieutenant "

Now a well known regular on NOTAP maps, and a good one! He is a great attacker and has now a very nasty behaviour. If i dont respawn in a split of a second he starts to rape my dead body! Oh PUDGE we all love you with OUR GUNS!

LOL, good work on the maps Pudge. It was a little gap because of incompatible updates. I hope you work on NOTAP maps the full August :).


To go on this list a player must be under the first 5 NON-NOTAP players in the actual list..