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07/01/2003 2:45 PM

NOTAP proudly presents the 6best players in 05/2003


"Colonel " Morph=NoKi= (BoR)

4th time in a row on HoF!
Morph=NoKi= (BoR) the most powerfull, dangerous and deadliest attacker from the red side. Now also know as Best of Red (BoR) or
Master of Desaster for Blue. He works hard on maps and recognition for every weak point on the maps. He know every god damned trick to make a target and fool the NOTAPs.

HoE (Hell on Earth) this man is dangerous!

On every session, he gaves the NOTAPs pure hell as leader of Attack and Taskmaster of the "Hessen-gang".

Thanks for all your work for the NOTAP community.


"First Lieutenant " Legolas=NoKi=

The deadly and healing shadow of the "Hessen-Gang". If you see Morph falling in front of attack, just look on your watch. In a few seconds, he will be back on earth. Healed by Legolas! This man knows his abilities and use them professional.

He spend also a lot of time for testing and building maps.

"Second Lieutenant" Schlusenbach

The 3rd member of the deadly and devasting "Hessen-gang". After some problem with real bad lag he changed his ISP and plays now on top level. He has also a very nice Website.

So visit



"Second Lieutenant" Amagedon

A hard fighting soldier, but sometimes he walk back for sniping. This will be sometimes ok and sometimes very bad. Alway in and most times attacking. He works close together with German Hawk.



"Second Lieutenant" German Hawk

This month the Medic of the month. He like also to work as supporting sniper and some blue bases will not been falling without his "zombie-making" :)

To go on this list a player must be under the first 5 NON-NOTAP players in the actual list..