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June 2001

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07/01/2001 1:10 PM

NOTAP proudly presents the 5 best players in June 2001



He is too EVIL for this world! The evilst nightmare for all NOTAPs! I cant count how many maps he crushed and burned all targets alone! This fighter plays on an outstanding level! Hell a map that not burned by Evil is a NO-WIN map for everybody!

Send ASAP a picture to the Colonel!


First time one HoFoM. He was teached by the BEST, his team mate ~BSE~EvilK. And he learn a lot of dirty tricks to make the poor NOTAPs looking foolish.

This is a pic of the small wounds i receive after a fight with NoTap...PUDGE

"Second Lieutenant" Pudge

Now also a regular on NOTAP maps, and a good one! If he leads the red pack it will be a hard time for NOTAP. Better and better his action on all maps! He is an good team mate for EVIL and an ugly ZOMBIE MAKER (medic) too!


Born to Lose or burn to die from NOTAPs hand? A fine artwork BtL!

"Major" BORN**STAB**

Also firsttime on HoFoM. It was a long way for him! Born is a great artist and a god blessed sniper but he has some problems with explosives. But after 2 months as member of the STAB gang he lerned to ignite a satchel without lose a hand or arm :).


Takeshi a.k.a. Spochtsfreund a high skilled map maker and brave fighter too!

"Second Lieutenant " Spochtsfreund aka Takeshi

Also firsttime on HoFoM. He his an old regular on NOTAP maps and send us some of the most fun maps! Check out his great maps on NOTAP maps.


To go on this list a player must be under the first 5 NON-NOTAP players in the actual list..