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06/01/2003 2:23 PM

NOTAP proudly presents the 5 best players in 05/2003


"Lieutenant Colonel " Morph

Third time in a row on HoF! With some power ups from Matrix Releoaded he make the fight much harder. And only one BIG accident stop him from to be the absolute best player. His PC was crashed by a flash! Eeeeeeeekkkkkk :(. This will be my nightmare :/

HoE (Hell on Earth) this man is dangerous!

At now we got 4 real cool maps with great design and working switches from him! Keep up this good work Morph!



"Second Lieutenant " Legolas=NoKi=

This Elb is a master of Longbow and "healing hands". He was promoted with the "Medic of Month" medal for heroic rescue of wounded mates in battle. His target count tells only the half story, much attacks of Morph or other great attackers will not be successfull without his med actions.

Legolas delivers some absolute amazing maps. But his Legolas Cube has a singular and eyecatching design with high end action game flow.

I just love this map.

"Lieutenant Colonel " DeathAngel

DA is back and stronger as before?
This seem to be true, because he fight now with much more power. If other reds walk away for some sniping or dealing with easy targets start DeathAngel to fight and set blue bases on fire.

He make on BHD map as now, the first map in cycle with a tunnel system.



"Warrant Officer 5 " Amagedon

Amagedon one more member of the new sub-group "Hesse-Gang"?
A hard fighting soldier, but sometimes he walk back for sniping. This will be sometimes ok and sometimes very bad. Pleas have a look for number f attackers Amag. With a small number there is no room for sniping.


ATLAN da Gonozol


"Brigadier General : " ATLAN


Atlan da Gonozal,
can attack and snipe too. Give this man a job and he will do it.
Some of the best ideas and improvements for the NOTAP community comes up with his ideas.

- permanent update about map changes on Mapper Forum
- substitute the BPoWC with the call for mercenary

Most time a discussion with Atlan ends with with an improvement for NOTAP maps ladder games. Please, work again as my Advocatus diaboli :)



To go on this list a player must be under the first 5 NON-NOTAP players in the actual list..