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05/01/2003 1:41 PM

NOTAP proudly presents the 5 best players in 04/2003


"Major " Morph

I newer saw before that fast running up the ranks! Morph comes in like a thunderstorm and eats up the targets like sweets. Not enough, he close 03/2003 as best player of Month, going now on HoF and was also the best Medic (Medic of Month) M.O.M.

And Morph end this month with the same number of targets as me!

HoE (Hell on Earth) this man is dangerous!

At now we got 4 real cool maps with great design and working switches from him! Keep up this good work Morph!



"Major " DeathAngel

Arghhhhh, the DeathAngel is back and stronger as ever before?
After some month of vacation in TFD he comes back to learn to die like a man on BHD. Deathangel delievers his first map for BHD and start with a heart pounding tunnel map. Great work.

I just hope u stand fulltime on duty, I fear u will go away after some month of action as before on DFLW and TFD.

"Master Gunnery Sergeant" Amagedon

Ahhhhhhh, a new and (from Morph?) well trained soldier. He has an amazing progress in the last weeks. Let us see whats happend next month. If Amagedon continues his outstanding performance he will raise up the ladder and a member of TOP20 soon :)




"Major General" PUDGE=NoKi=

Pudge on top! Sounds like some of his nasty actions after he found a just killed NOTAP. Hheehhe.
Pudge plays now on the absolute top-level, and as Battle Medic in Duett with Schorschi he goes over blue bodys into the hardest bases.

He Pudge all ok with you? We are missing your raping!


Thx for this QUMOK


"General : " QUMOK

BigQ aka QUMOK aka MoTAT aka HoKi aka ODM aka BigGitQ :)

Also know as l(ag)/(uck)y Q :)
I just hope your new ISDN line will work fine. And I never need again my month budget of nades to stop u :)

BigBestQ, the most senior red player on NOTAP maps.
He know every trick, every hole. A session without Q is only half fun!


To go on this list a player must be under the first 5 NON-NOTAP players in the actual list..