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March 2001

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NOTAP proudly presents the 5 best players in March 2001

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Shadow [SFO]

Shadow [SOF] was the other man from the DrD (Dynamic Red Duo). In a team with the Colonel he was a great attacker. Now, with the Colonel on the dark side, he fight for the red team like a tiger. He plays the medic skill very well. And a lot of red players was rescued by him. He has a nice collection of medals on the Killer page. He is deadly like a shark under water. He ends the 3/2001 with 580 targets.He make 1073 kills and was send 2402 times to HoE!

P.S. Shadow i need a picture from you.

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A fine player, always brave and a hard attacker. He starts on NOTAP games like a rocket. From the start he goes on and make targets. Every red team with SCHORSCH is on the bright side of life!


~BSE~Evil K.

Nomen est omen, he is EVIL! And he plays very loud music on his MM1. He is also a high skilled artist, his banner are some of the finest to find around. And he spend a lot of time as Webmaster for the ~BSE~ clan. Sometimes he comes in with some mates, thats means Hell on Earth. Please visit ~BSE~ over the link page.

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φ =th=

Odittle fight hard for his place on HoFoM. He has a very limited time to play here. But he use this time for fast and devasting attacks.

He is a member of the TBH, visit this clan over the NOTAP link page.

Thx for this QUMOK


QUMOK Master of Tricks and Tunnels (MoTaT) now member of the Dead Presidents. A smart man, sometimes you dont will see him. He looks around and make a plan. And after that, good bye fortress, sayonara base. And he build absolute cools maps. With a very detailed artwork.

If you see him attack....

TAKE COVER! better dig in or run away!
He BigQ you must come in more often we need your cool attacks!

Qumok[IRE] 100 357 461

To go on this list a player must be under the first 5 NON-NOTAP players in the actual list..