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Februar 2001

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NOTAP proudly presents the 5 best players in Februar 2001

Better watch out! This Col wants your head!


The Col_D_Tylor, a man like a storm. Fight for his mission and never stops. Defends his targets with bullets, knife and hands. It was a hard run, head to head with the Routine. But we fire salut for the Col_D_Taylor. Welldone! He is highest decorated player on NOTAP maps ladder games and goes now on the dark side of life as:


Col_D_Taylor 592 1706 2692

Very good work and 2nd Star!

no pict available

Shadow [SFO]

He is the natural buddy for the Col_D_Taylor, and if you see this both coming over you.... run run run for your life! The deadly ever dark Shadow of Death grow up with every dead NOTAP. Now he is so strong ......

And he works hard as medic to rescue his mates,
so his also the M.O.M.

Shadow[SFO] 233 771 2281

P.S. Shadow i need a picture from you.

Thx for this QUMOK


QUMOK Master of Tricks and Tunnels (MoTaT) now member of the Dead Presidents. A smart man, sometimes you dont will see him. He looks around and make a plan. And after that, good bye fortress, sayonara base. And he build absolute cools maps. With a very detailed artwork.

If you see him attack....

TAKE COVER! better dig in or run away!
He BigQ you must come in more often we need your cool attacks!

Qumok[IRE] 100 357 461

The little black sheep


The Routine was fighting hard this months. But like last months he missing some games. And so he goes for place 2.

Routine**STAB** 293 810 2210

no pict available


i dont know so many about this amazing soldier. He make this great score in only some few games. Will be a deasaster for NOTAP if he comes in often :->


Horseman 39 35 58

To go on this list a player must be under the first 5 NON-NOTAP players in the actual list..