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02/01/2003 10:15 AM

NOTAP proudly presents the 5 best players in 01/2003

"Brigadier General" PUDGE=NoKi=

Pudge on top! Sounds like some of his nasty actions after he found a just killed NOTAP. Hheehhe.
Pudge plays now on the absolute top-level, and as Battle Medic in Duett with Schorschi he goes over blue bodys into the hardest bases.



" General " Schorsch=NoKi=

Eeeeeeek , again #2 and not #1?

Schorschi come on, no carneval . no wine! If you want to be the #1 u must play, not drink :)
Hell Schorschi, I want to see you on #1 next month, ok?


Thx for this QUMOK

"General : " QUMOK

BigQ aka QUMOK aka MoTAT aka HoKi aka ODM aka BigGitQ :)

Also know as l(ag)/(uck)y Q :)
I just hope your new ISDN line will work fine. And I never need again my month budget of nades to stop u :)

BigBestQ, the most senior red player on NOTAP maps.
He know every trick, every hole. A session without Q is only half fun!


"Brigadier General" Rexe=NoKi=

Again a member of the famous =NoKi= squad make his way to the HoFoM! Rexe really love it to make an ambush behind the blue respawn points. Very nasty! :) On every session with Rexe I spend half on my time to look back. I never found Rexe in my front, but he found always my back. :)





send us a picture Sly :)



"Brigadier General " sLy .

One more very deadly member of the Regulars.

I asked some month in past: "Maybe a General sLy in future? "

You remember? And now Mr.sLy is
Sir Brigadier General Battle Medic SIR!
Hell and demons sLy you are a nasty Medic and a deadly Sniper too. I guess if u are not stopped by your work you will be unter first 10. But who knows, whats your rank will be in 3 month :).


To go on this list a player must be under the first 5 NON-NOTAP players in the actual list..